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About Isabelle

I was born and raised in the south of France. My youth was punctuated by summer trips to neighboring countries, namely England, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. With each language and culture, I discovered new ways of thinking, new perceptions leading me to consider language as a reality processor.

I embraced my education in France, England, and the US with much enthusiasm for its interdisciplinary approach and the broad spectrum of possibilities it provided. As both an insider and outsider, the study of my native culture from abroad strengthened my critical thinking and cultural acumen. I acquired an analytic, inquisitive and open frame of mind and developed linguistic skills that lay a strong foundation of excellence in all my projects.

My linguistic skills have also given me access to a wide range of industries. In each, I learned from the experts. The multiple-expertise I have thus developed allows me to integrate the interdisciplinary world we live in. Specialization can give a sense of fragmentation when in fact all disciplines are interconnected. A financing agreement pertaining to creative projects, for example, may cover the fields of law, high finance, publicity and advertisement, marketing, and entertainment.

I am currently authoring a body of analytical and creative works on cultural dance forms, to present an interdisciplinary approach to dance and a reflection on the spiritual philosophies weaving through African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern dance and Flamenco.

My mission is to serve the international community through the sharing of knowledge, facilitating communications and understanding across the borders.



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